What You Said

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Just wrapped up a video for ‘Brights’ (  Shot on Phantom Flex @ 1500 FPS with DP Dean Cannon.  Beautiful footage.


Brights – What You Said from jjnww on Vimeo.

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt

· Music, Video

Had the pleasure of doing some 5.1 work and putting together a Blu-ray for Pearl Jam’s upcoming tour for their new record. The disc included a new short doc (Lightning Bolt) about the new record and Cameron Crowe’s doc ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’. They have an _amazing_ archive of footage and images – Highly recommend checking out the feature (especially if you’re from Seattle).

Lightning Bolt

Spirit Clinic

· Music ·

I spent the later part of last week engineering and recording violins for the new Kreeps LP ‘Spirit Clinic’.   Dom and I had worked on remix projects via mass.mvmnt a few years ago and strangely, he lives in the Northwest now (via Leeds & Detroit).

Kreeps has brought his version of night from Output Records to the soundtrack behind the button mashings of GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption.  I highly recommend dropping by to check out some music.

Spirit Clinic