Dark Signals Remixed



After launching band Sleepy Eyes of Death’s EP ‘Dark Signals’ audio collective mass.mvmnt curated a long playing remix project. Each remixer was brought on because of their relationship to pacific northwest electronic music, seod or mass mvmnt. This resulted in an aurally stunning community mined final album. Remixers were provided with stems from the original sessions and had no specific guidlines other than a deadline (which some have still not met … grin).


  • White Light, Collide 05:45
  • Pierce the Air (Andrew Luck VS Dosadi Remix) 04:47
  • Final Heart Beats Black (Hanssen Remix) 04:59
  • Crushed By Stars (Jerry Abstract Remix) 06:43
  • Final Heart Beats Black (Black Heart Remix) 06:21
  • Pierce the Air (Hanssen & Pezzner Remix) 04:29
  • Crushed By Stars (Jatun Remix) 05:48
  • Pierce the Air (scntfc VS Andrew Luck VS Dosadi Remix) 05:23
  • Final Heart Beats Black (ND_Baumecker VS Voltek Remix) 06:51
  • Crushed By Stars (Truckasauras Remake) 03:52
  • Heart Beats Both (ndCv Remix) 04:08
  • Pierce the Air (Turk Remix) 04:52
  • Final Heart Beats Black (Sleepwalker Remix)


Joshua S. Warren: Producer

mass mvmnt: label / distributor