A motion tracking interactive developed in cooperation with the amazing DigiPen Institute of Technology.

A CPU based custom software system tracks visitors via ceiling mounted modified IR cameras and presents them with obstacles and goals. Colorful animations are projected onto a durable & reflective 10 x 20′ floor.

The goal of this interactive was to encourage fun collaborative activity via puzzle solving, group play and a few hidden surprises. The software adjusts activities and visuals based on how many people are tracked on the floor at once – more people = different objectives than less people. This interactive was developed on site and publicly prototyped over the course of 6 months before installation and launch.



DigiPen ZeroEngine (http://zero.digipen.edu/), CCV. Modified digital cameras, IR throw lights & high lumen dual bulb ceiling mounted projector, custom reflective floor.


Joshua S. Warren: Producer, Developer
Pacific Science Center: Exhibit