Animals Fell

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Sketching and deconstructing animals with the intention of creating prints when I finish 30.poster-fell-elk_1-jjnww poster-fell-04-jjnww poster-fell-03-jjnww poster-fell-02-jjnww

Exhibit archives

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While cleaning up the archives I found some behind-the-scenes photos during the Wellbody exhibit development. I still have tons of time lapse and fabrication footage I’ll someday get to. Until then.












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I’ve been designing, producing and co-developing an iPad app for the last 7 months.  The above is about all I can show until the Client announces it to the public.  Always start on paper … no matter what your project is.  Cooking, building, designing .. anything.  Starting on paper gives you a quick and personal way to explore ideas without being dragged down by additional tools.


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jjnww-tapesMade a mix for a few friends and decided to throw it online.  No plan – just seeing what tracks decide to show up.

What You Said

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Just wrapped up a video for ‘Brights’ (  Shot on Phantom Flex @ 1500 FPS with DP Dean Cannon.  Beautiful footage.


Brights – What You Said from jjnww on Vimeo.

Tender Bats

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Just had the pleasure to master the new EP from up-and-coming SEA band Tender Bats. Garage infused pop with flavors like Lush, M83 and Jesus & Mary Chain. Enjoyed being part of this one.  Great Summer sounds.

Alternate mixes to two of the songs in the below links. These aren’t my versions, but a good listen regardless!

Tender Bats


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Recently helped friend and collaborator Andy Rohrmann aka. SCNTFC create DVD & BD versions of his inspiring ‘Undone’ series.

Sneeze Wall Prototype Footage

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With some downtime in the last few days I’ve been going through project archives.  Logged into Vimeo for the first time in a while and realized that I hadn’t taken the privacy settings off of some prototype footage I used while developing the Sneeze Wall.

More to come – but this footage still makes some people sick (and kids giggle).  Grin.


Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt

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Had the pleasure of doing some 5.1 work and putting together a Blu-ray for Pearl Jam’s upcoming tour for their new record. The disc included a new short doc (Lightning Bolt) about the new record and Cameron Crowe’s doc ‘Pearl Jam Twenty’. They have an _amazing_ archive of footage and images – Highly recommend checking out the feature (especially if you’re from Seattle).

Lightning Bolt

Sol 2.0

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We have launched Sol 2.0 … newly improved iPhone 5 graphics, bug fixes, features.  I designed a new ‘how to use this’ intro for new users and helped refine features with Juggleware.

It’s been really great to work with Alec Vance and co. to create something we all use and enjoy.  Our love is definitely shown in the reviews that keep coming in!  mostly 4.5 – 5 star reviews.  We’re blushing.

The last ten –

AMAZING LITTLE APP — I do a lot of photography, so this app is a great resource to have on hand. Whether I need to know how much daylight is left, when the golden hour starts, or even planning in advance for a future sunrise, all the information is right there at my fingertips. On top of that, it’s so easy to use, and is visually stunning in its simplicity. All in all, an amazing little app. —Danial79, Australia

[APPLAUSE] —Ottima app con un bel design. —Cypol, Italy

TIME KEEPS ON SLIPPING — Fun app to keep you aware of most precious thing, time! I like to use it when the golden hour begins to ask myself did I laugh, cry, move and learn today? —Ccampagna, United States

VERY USEFUL & FUNCTIONAL APP — Helps to alert users of sunrise & sundown times with accuracy & style. I simply love the alarm feature. Awesome app… especially for Sabbath keepers. —Gabelho, Canada

CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT — Best app in the appstore to get a nice overview of the “golden hours”! A must have app for every photographer! —Jafu66, Netherlands

BRILLIANT APP — Excellent app, does what it’s made to do. Detailed and easy to use. Great interface. As an amateur photographer I love it. —Grrrrrrrrodi, United Kingdom

EXCELLENT APP – A brilliant little app that I use regularly. It works flawlessly every time (all app writers take note!). —Andy Keeble, United Kingdom

NICE APP — I have been using this app to plan my runs to coincide with the twilights. I love it. Visually this app is nice too. — AtticusBdG, United States

I LOVE THIS APP! — This is one of my top ten apps. So much of the day is determined with the sun. The temperature in the house, when I get up. It is also fun to see the various times in the day visually I set the alarm prior to the sunrise, and I only have that with SOL. This is a very well thought out app, and is easy to use. Thank you! —4bot, United States

GOLDEN HOUR PHOTOGRAPHY — I use this app to remind me when the sun is setting. It’s customizable, easy to use, and well designed. I use it multiple times a week. —Perfectance, United States.

There are 116 more 5-star ratings with great reviews that preceded those. Out of 160 ratings total—not too shabby. Most apps with 160 ratings and 116 reviews have 10 or 100 times as many downloads as our little app.