The Sleep Machine

Interactive, Video


An impressive electro-mechanical exhibit that integrated cranks, custom electronics, networked media players and a reader board. This component walks the visitor through the sleep process – inviting them to learn about sleep and engage with a crowdsourced feed of user contributed content (via twitter). Video monitors play back footage of various animals sleeping (in cooperation with the Woodland Park Zoo). Visitors are able to contribute to the exhibit with photos they submit via Twitter.

We developed a custom web app that pulls Twitter posts tagged #BedheadTheater and places them in a custom CMS program. When approved the posts are processed (size, frame, overlay) and placed in a database. Administrators & staff can rotate and curate content as they want via the web based CMS systen – including uploading custom content. Metrics are anonymously tracked. In the exhibit, a hardware BrightSign device pulls content via an encrypted connection from a remote server.


Electro Mechanical, Digital, Media


Joshua S. Warren: Developer, Producer, Art Director
Group Delphi: Fabrication
Triad: Fabrication

Pacific Science Center